is a device designed to curb your urge to smoke 

If you are a smoker and you just need to Curb an urge to smoke during periods like flights or in the office or during any non smoking situation, the Curb an urge device will assist. For smokers who wish to give up the smoking habit completely, the Curb an urge device will assist you in your quest. The device is designed to be worn around your neck, or kept in a handy pocket, and provide you with a healthy substitute to lighting up.

The Curb an Urge device was invented by Darren Aiken, a South African inventor, who saw the device as a solution to Curb the urge to smoke during those intermittent craving sessions, and thus help to substitute the act of smoking. A simple device with astonishing implications has amazed many smokers who have tried the device and has helped a healthy percentage of smoker to reduce their smoking addiction and even quit the smoking habit for good.

The principle behind the Curban Urge device is to reproduce the breathing action of a sigh. The intensity of the inhaled breath should start soft and become stronger in apex,stop,re-breath in,and then exhale.

1-Place the Curban Urge Device(CU) between your lips.
2-Place a finger over the vacuum hole on the shaft of the cylinder.
3-When you start to inhale a vacuum is formed.
4-Whilst inhaling softly and gradually stronger,take your finger away from the hole(like playing a flute)
5-When the finger is released from the hole after inhalation has started, a forceful volume of air is injected in a narrow shaft that hits the back of the throat and this air swells under pressure.
6-Stop inhaling(but don't breathe out) and remove device from lips.
7-Inhale this volume of air in your mouth.
8-Next-exhale like you would after a sigh.
9-Surprisingly, the craving(which lasts 3 seconds) will have gone.