"I quit smoking using a Curban Urge and it has been one of the most liberating things I have ever done.
And it was easy! "

Darren Aiken


" It's great for when I am in a shopping mall - I can walk around with it the whole day and don't feel the need to smoke."

Layla Weston


" Got each of my contract workers a curban urge and then they puff and work with no hazards or cravings."

Daniel de Vos 

Site Manager

"I came across this peculiar contraption a few years ago by pure accident and boy how it has changed my life. Meeting Darren whilst playing a round of golf where I saw this plastic tube dangling on a cord around his neck intrigued me. Needless to say I have worn one and the very same one for the past 4 years. Whenever I have felt the URGE to have a drag of a cigarette I am relieved to find a healthy alternative at my disposal and immediately. Many friends and colleagues have now questioned me about this device and so too have have bought one. I am pleased to say it has assisted me greatly. A hearty thanks to Darren and his inventive mind"

James M Hawkesworth


Local inventor hopes his 'plastic cigarette' will help smokers to quit

The Curban Urge device helps to deliver a shot of air into a smoker's lungs in a way that mimics accelerated air travelling into the body when smoking.


Curban Urge - Is This the Future of Smoking Cessation?

Created by South African artist and inventor Darren Aiken, Curban Aiken is essentially a whistle-like resin tube that is closed up completely at one end so as only to take in air through a small vacuum when you draw on the other open end of the tube. To use it, all you have to do is cover up the vacuum slot with the index finger, suck on the open end of the stick and release the finger slightly, just enough to let some air in and mimic the restrictive draw on a tobacco cigarette. Genius, right?

Although Curban Urge can't really help with the nicotine withdrawal part of smoking cessation, it can allegedly be used in combination with nicotine patches, gum or other solutions, because we all know how effective traditional nicotine replacement therapies are...

But Aiken claims his device can actually help people better mitigate the symptoms of withdrawal, by mimicking some of the physical actions of smoking without the actual smoke. I'm not sure the South African inventor wants to use that as a marketing pitch, as it's sure to attract tobacco control zealots and maybe even get the Curban Urge registered as a tobacco product. I know, I know, there is no tobacco in it, but that argument didn't help e-cigarettes did it, not even nicotine-free ones...

Anyway, back to our innovative little device. Just like e-cigarettes, it can be worn on a lanyard around on your neck for easy accessibility, it's a lot cheaper to use that tobacco cigarettes, and is said to reduce the urge to smoke a cigarette. How? Well, I'll just let Darren Aiken explain:

"The deep breath this accelerated air affords the smoker - because the shaft of air accelerated into the back of the mouth is narrow - bypasses the 'scratch zone' in the smoker's mouth and produces a sigh before exhalation, which appears to destress the smoker as the body's mechanism for de-stressing is a physical sigh," he told South African newspaper The Citizen.